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Arrallon was born during the dark, heavy snows of the winter of 1982 in Oklahoma City. A small band of gamers from what was then The Armchair General, the local gaming establishment, between bouts of Aftermath, AD&D, and the Morrow Project, began to gather in this new world. Using characters and some ideas from a campaign I played in college, I put together the first few simple maps and adventure ideas. This first campaign, still very nebulous and crude, was highlighted by the War of Tryskellias and the destruction of Kollara, the Lich Queen of the Githyanki. And things began to develop from there. Over the next year and a half I filled out this adventure idea, until, after arriving in Albuquerque in September of 1983, the First Arrallonian Campaign began. Despite some rocky times, some very large road bumps, and eventually marrying my best player, the game started to take on its own flavor, something different from almost every other AD&D campaign out there. Indeed, at times I thought the campaign was taking on a life of it own. Two campaigns were run in Albuquerque, spanning a period of six and a half years, and eighty years of game time.

After an Air Force transfer to California, the Third Arrallonian Campaign was started. Placed a hundred years after the start of the first, and making full use of computer software I had written just for the game, it added another generation to the expanding Arrallonian Saga, and introduced new threats to the world. Shang and Vorhing were gone, but now the Ravager had ascended into the world of the living, and the forces of Kaleal S’rytth were working against magic everywhere. By the time I left the Air Force, the house was filled with volumes of history, NPCs, stories, maps, and special rules.

The Fourth Arrallonian Campaign was started on the heals of the Third, with a band of adventurers rescuing the survivors of a crash in the northern Symballan desert, the warriors Nahlima and Kheldar from the Third Campaign. The new adventurers took the mantle and title of the old group, the Silver Gryphon and embarked on seven years of gaming which resulted in the final destruction of Vorhingaard, an alliance with the Dragon Kings, the overthrow of the Pharaoh, the destruction of the Black Witch and the final defeat of the Ravager, the overthrow of the Splinter Kingdom Drow and the absolute destruction of Lolth, the disappearance (and probable godhood) of Talon Baelgorral, and the destruction of Mordai and the defeat of his dark forces, the Shadowen.

The 5th Campaign happened in Virginia, while I was working as a DoD contractor for the Navy. It was short and brutal. The heroes from that campaign were known as the Midnight Rose. Their leader was Augustus Rose, son of the High Demonhunter of Athena, Dr Kuritha Rose. He was abducted and brought across by the Vampyre Princess, Kyrsten von Tolenkov. That single act put a complete set of events into motion. The remaining heroes from the 3rd and 4th Campaigns established an organization to deal with the dark threats hiding in plain sight, with the coming of shadows. That organization was called the Silver Gryphon Legacy. Its members were hand picked, mostly from the children and grand-children of previous heroes. They were a varied lot, but all powerful and unique in their talents and their lineage. The SGL went on mission after mission, saw the coming of the Crystal War, and the approach of the Avatar War, and the Shadow War.

The future of the Shadow Prophecy, however, was altered by actions of powerful beings and the ancient Shadow/Ashiri conflict has come to an end. Arrallon is now free of the Shadows’ influence and is on the cusp of a great renaissance of science and magic. The mountain of Syvasmyr and the fortress of the SGL has become the capitol of a new city state, Syvasgaard. Alongside Syvasgaard stand the seven spires of Kar’Dhaer Academy, and further east, the Temple of Isis at Syvasmyr. Mordai has been destroyed by Talon, the God of Death. He left those standing on the battlements of Syvasgaard with a message. “There is no fate but that which we will create.” A new day dawns and an unknown future awaits.

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