7th Arrallonian Campaign

Spring Term '567 - Special Visitor

Event: Special Visitor
Date: 33 Deiclue 566 – 1 Galuune 567

The days leading up to New Years were full of anticipation by the majority of the student body. This was another of those events that called for a huge party and they never failed to outdo the last one. There were fireworks, a glorious formal ball, and entertainment supplied by some of the biggest names in Bard lore. It could also have been yet another instance where Sigma Pi and Miri crossed paths. However, that was not to be.

The girls of Sigma Pi had long since lost interest in tormenting Miri. There were just so few things they could do to her outside of blatantly violent confrontations, which had never been their style. It didn’t help that Miri had so far managed to bed better than a third of the senior class, male and female, and had started working her way through the 4th Years. Most of her paramours were head over heels in love with her, or at the very least, in lust with her. To set upon her with that kind of fan base might have proved the Sigma Pi’s undoing.

Miri’s appearance at event after event, arm in arm with some diplomat or ambassador, though it cemented the opinion of many that she was a whore for sale, was seen by others as power. For what she possessed now were connections and contacts with powerful people, people who could make her enemies simply disappear if she so wished it. The fact that she was a known spellcasting Erotic didn’t seem to dissuade clients either. Rather it served as a magnet for those more adventurous statesmen who wanted something a bit more than attractive arm candy to take to state dinners. And the uniqueness of a beautiful, randy Delsian elf was so far outside the mold Callonians had come to expect from Delsians that her mere presence managed to liven a dull diplomats’ soirée.

But as Miri was making her plans for the weekend of partying, she received a message in her dorm room. She might well have missed it, as she rarely stopped by except to change clothes, and even that was growing rarer. She’d found a spot to study in the lower libraries, where nobody ever went, so she’d not be disturbed. And she slept wherever she ended up, usually on the 4th or 5th story of the dorms. She ate with the Night Raptors, and visited Raptor Place as often as she could get away from her other commitments. Her dorm room, and her roommate, were left quite alone most of the time.

The message was in a strange, fluid hand, and written in a language few would be able to read. Even she had to use magic to unravel its meaning. It was written in the language of the Mord Elves, a bastardization of the ancient Krell script, mixed with pieces of the Splinter Kingdom Drow language. As she had learned, it was a language the SGL had first encountered in Maerymydra, though they had no name for it then. The message was from Drazin Vorn.

“Miss Vyronnataen, I find myself once again in your pleasant orbit. I must admit myself disturbed at the ever increasing presence of light in Syvasgaard, as you know my people’s distaste for it, but I would suffer such things for another encounter with my favorite Delsian. I understand that the surfacers hold the upcoming weekend as a holiday of special significance, the end of winter and the beginning of the surface calendar. Such artificial divisions of time traditionally have little meaning for my people, but for you, dear lady, I will endeavor to,… how do you say?… get into the spirit of the holiday. I would greatly enjoy the pleasure of your company this coming Quindie evening. As far as our previous arrangement, I would of course compensate you for the entire weekend, plus a little extra that I’m sure you will greatly appreciate.”

“Looking forward to your swift response,”

“Drazin Vorn”


Miri took the opportunity to cancel her weekend plans, including a little soirée at Raptor Place, and sent a message to Shari regarding her contact with the Mord. Shari sent back a simple reply. “Do it. See what he wants.” So she dressed in her finest, put on her new Carellonian manners, and rented a pricey coach from Kar’Dhaer to Syvasgaard Township.

Arriving at a bit after seven, it was still quite dark at that time of night, even though the first day of spring was only a few days away. The sky back to the west though was still a strange hue of blue. The weather had not improved greatly yet. It was still in the low to mid thirties at night, and barely got above fifty during the day. The skies were mostly clear, and the deep winter snows were slowly, but surely melting away. This night, however, there seemed an odd warmth in the chilled mountain air, and the smell of spring rains just over the horizon. The feel and the smell drove Miri’s memories back to a different time, when she was not so fortunate in friends or profession. She smiled and stepped down from the coach and into the helping hands of the doorman at the Wayfarer hotel.

Her reception here had improved greatly since her first trip several months ago. Whether it was her reputation with the Night Raptors, her appearance at more and more upper crust parties and social events, or the idea that they’d just gotten used to seeing her around, the hotel staff was so much nicer to her now, very accommodating and friendly. One of the bellhops even escorted her upstairs to the penthouse, which had apparently become Drazin’s personal room in the hotel, though he was rarely there. She eventually got the night manager to tell her that he’d rented the room for the next year, all in advance, just to make sure it was available for him when he chose to drop by.

Drazin was at his standard spot in the room when she entered, standing by the windows in his dark shades, puzzling at the light and the activity on the surface. He had apparently fallen in love with the bustle of surface cities and towns, and was still challenged by the light of the surface world, even at night. Apparently, he was working on a whole new collection of defensive spells to allow him freer access to the sunlit realms of the world. Miri stood at the door, holding her purse in front of her, smirking slightly. When Drazin turned, he smiled and merely motioned her in. She walked to a large chair, sat her purse on the table beside it and took off her coat and laid it across the back of the chair.

“One would think you’re developing feelings for me, Drazin. That would be unwise for two such as us, don’t you think?”

Drazin smiled, almost chuckled, and picked up a bottle of wine.

“Drink, lady?”

“Of course.”

“Your concern is understandable. After all, it wasn’t that long ago, you were about to be a prisoner in my realm, basely treated and drained of your beauty and livelihood. It would have been a terrible waste just to give some Carellonian noble gargoyle another month or so of youth and vigor, don’t you agree?”

“I’d have to say it wouldn’t have been my first choice, no.”

He smiled again and handed her a glass of elven wine.

“Then business before pleasure, yes?”

“Ah, so you didn’t call me here simply for pleasure? Now I am hurt.”

“Apologies, lady. You are, of course, here for pleasure, but there is another matter which is more pressing than my libido, yes? That would be the matter of the Heart of Lolth.”

Miri narrowed her gaze. He was playing at something, but could she trust him, an obviously evil man, a shadowmaster and ex-worshipper of Mordai?

“The Heart of whom?”

“Please, Miri. Do not be coy with me. It does not suit you. I am well aware that you and the Night Raptors have uncovered the secrets of the artifacts of Lolth and that one of them has already been destroyed. There was also an abortive attempt at recovering the Heart of Lolth from Delvinia Fey and the former Matron of House Honglathor, Opallina Belabra. The Mord have been keeping a very close eye on what has been occurring in our part of the UnderDark.”


“So the Mord offer our assistance in this matter. It will be all but impossible for your forces, for the Silver Gryphon Legacy, to ever reach the Heart, let alone defeat those who guard it and make it out alive. We Mord have more subtle ways. We can accomplish through trickery and negotiation that which you will never win through brute force and excessive magic.”

“Very well, you have my undivided attention. What is your proposition?”


Miri did not return to Raptor House until the afternoon of the 1st of Galuune, having spent the entire weekend with Drazin. When she did return, her news was intriguing, but none of them really trusted the Mord enough to believe his claims. He had promised to broker an alliance between Syvasgaard and Prince Vahnik, the ultimate goal being the total downfall of Lolth once and for all.

With the Mord now out in the open, so to speak, their existence now well known and their previous connection with Mordai established, the return of Lolth would be as much a problem for them as it would the surfacers, perhaps more so. Prince Vahnik supposedly had powers at his disposal that Syvasgaard lacked, even Dove and Emma might not match. Add to that the Mords’ sly and deceptive ways, and the promise of securing and turning over the Heart of Lolth to Syvasgaard was most tempting. A late night visit by Dove, Baellius and Princess Elysia to Raptor Place to discuss Miri’s encounter with the Mord, and her excusal from staying in the dorms that evening, said the SGL was taking the offer quite seriously.



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