7th Arrallonian Campaign

Spring Term '567 - Bad Reception

Event: Bad Reception
Date: 9 Deiclue 566

The gate trip back to Syvasgaard was uneventful, other than having a vast collection of the SGL there to greet them as they returned. Princess Elysia was decidedly unsure they’d succeeded until they presented her with the information they’d gleaned from the Shrine of Thoth and Surtrik’s new avatar there. Others seemed uncomfortable with using the term ‘avatar’, so ‘projection’ was inserted in all the right places in the telling. So, before they even left the gateroom that night, they’d shared everything they knew of the artifacts of Lolth.

Surtrik had destroyed the Eye of Lolth, but not before using it to glean all the knowledge of the other artifacts that they’d need. He’d left that knowledge in the Shrine of Thoth, or the partition of the shrine that he had originally had access to. Now the Raptors’ key would access that partition as well. The data crystal he’d given them, and the key code to unlock it had given them access to an artificial intelligence formed from Surtrik’s mind. The AI had told them all they wanted, or rather didn’t want to know about the artifacts.

The Egg of Lolth was somewhere in a Draknid’s lair in the remote mountains of Centeyea. It could be used to destroy the Sword of Lolnivog, and could only be destroyed by the Spider Staff, Mystrin’nar.

The Heart of Lolth, they already knew, was in the possession of Opal, Illandra and Delvinia, somewhere in the northwestern Underdark. The Heart of Lolth must be destroyed by stabbing it with the Sword of Lolnivog.

The Mind of Lolth was in an Illithid fortress somewhere in Voidspace. It could be used to destroy Laedusmystren by taking command of the golem and commanding it to destroy itself. In turn, the Mind of Lolth could be destroyed with the Tear of Lolth, flooding its crystal computer logic with emotions.

The Sword of Lolnivog was in the Abyss, on a plane cotangent with the Demonweb Pits, as it was trying to return to its mistress when the city of Lolnivog was destroyed under a volcano, but the Demonweb Pits had already collapsed with Lolth’s death. It could only be destroyed by using the Egg of Lolth to turn it into a living spider so it could be killed.

The Tear of Lolth was in a forest in Arvandor, hidden under the shadows of Olympus itself. It could be used to destroy the Mind of Lolth, and was itself destroyed by Pure and Holy Light of Divine nature, thus it could easily be destroyed right where it lay in Arvandor and prevent the other artifacts from falling as they should.

Laedusmystren was stuck in the Demonweb Pits, inaccessible until the plane reconstituted sufficiently to allow entrance. It had been in Lolth’s planar ship when the plane was destroyed, but even that could not damage it. Laedusmystren was the only force that could snap Mystrin’nar, the unbreakable Staff of the Magi, and survive the blast. In turn, it could be destroyed using the Mind of Lolth to seize control of it.

Mystrin’nar, the Spider Staff, was somewhere in Beotharn, in the possession of a wealthy collector of rare artifacts, salvaged from the ruins of Condortie after Vorhing’s demise. It could destroy the Egg of Lolth, and could only be broken by Lolth herself, or Laedusmystren, her main Retriever.

And the Eye of Lolth, as Surtrik had learned and used the knowledge, could be destroyed by dumping a ridiculous amount of magic into it all at once and commanding it to see all things, thus overloading it and its user.

It was with all that knowledge shared that their part in the tail ended, for a time at least. They were thanked profusely and the story of Surtrik’s sacrifice was told and retold, first to the Princess and the President, then to the Drovik Ambassador to Carellon, Triel Mallabane, and finally to the Reverend Mother of Syvasmyr and the Supreme Reverend Mother of the Church of Isis. By the time they were through with meetings and debriefings, it was two days later. They were given lodging in Syvasgaard and forbidden to contact anyone else until they were done.

They returned to Raptor House early on the ninth of Deiclue, but their reception was not what they’d wished. No sooner had they entered the drive in a Syvasgaard carriage than magius erupted all about the front lawn. There was fresh snow to cover the signs of their previous battles here, but it would soon be gone too. Something that looked very like a gateway opened up, and through it, many six armed warriors charged, their heads a horrid mixture of humanoid and spider. Behind them, a true terror, a monstrous spider looking thing that was clearly demonic in nature, a Bebilith, arguably one of Lolth’s greatest achievements. The warriors charged the carriage while the Bebilith went about webbing the front of the house, making it impossible for any to get out.


Facing a Bebilith and eight arachnoid demon warriors, the Night Raptors were sorely pressed. Taking advantage of her new 4th level spells, Kami remained in the carriage as the rest piled out and formed a skirmish line against their attackers. They bought her the time to cast a Mass Holy Sword on them all, giving them power to fight against the demon minions of Lolth. Meanwhile, the Bebilith was busy with another opponent around the corner of the house. None could see who or what the demon spider was fighting. With several attempts at magic upon the Bebilith, Kami was thwarted at every turn, but the Night Raptors were making short work of the arachnoid warriors, even as they were cutting the Raptors down to size. When the Bebilith finally finished with whatever it was that was harrying it, it turned on the group. Hawke was felled with one mighty blow of its armor piercing forelegs. Wendy and Jay weighed in, and Persia and Miri added their guns to the fray. At last the beast dissipated into the foul demonic magius that had summoned it.

Running to investigate, Kami found her beloved Guy, torn to shreds, where he held the demon at bay alone for several rounds. Nothing was to be done for him as they found his soul had already been lost.

The incident at Raptor House added to the mystique about the group, and the students returning to their classes soon had the rumor mill flying about what evils the Raptors might bring down on the mountain next. Some were thrilled that a student venture company had already made such powerful enemies, that it was bound to be entertaining for the rest. Others feared for their own safety and the safety of their friends who might get caught in the crossfire next. Several horses and a carriage driver were already dead. How many more innocents at Syvasgaard and Kar’Daher would pay for simply being too close to such a dangerous target?

As classes began to wind down on the first day of the term, they were all summoned from their various classrooms to the Headmistress’ office in the central tower. She too had concerns that though they were doing the right thing in helping to stop Lolth’s return, others were bound to get caught in the middle, something she wouldn’t allow. Much to their surprise, however, she didn’t wish them to quit or leave Kar’Dhaer or anything else they’d thought of. What she wanted was to cut off the major source of concern and that was the direct attacks on Raptor Place. Thinking that meant they’d all get pulled back into the dorms, they were surprised yet again when she instructed them to wait for her in the main hall downstairs while she gathered some of the other regents.

After what seemed an eternity, with students walking past their table whispering and gazing with worried expressions, the Headmistress, her husband, Baellius Zhinzh, the Regent of the Arcane, and the Regent of Paratechnology, as well as the Reverend Mother of Syvasmyr joined them. They all walked back to Raptor Place together. Then, in a ceremony that lasted several hours, the Headmistress and the others extended the defenses of Kar’Dhaer around Raptor Place and several of the other houses and estates nearby. They might still be targets, but now they could at least sleep at night.



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