7th Arrallonian Campaign

Spring Term '567 - Back to classes

Event: Back to Classes
Date: 15 Deiclue 566

Kami’s return to classes was also a return to the morgue. Doctor Wittstock, the chief medical examiner for Syvasgaard, had requested she be his student assistant. Apparently, there had been reference made about her performance in biochemistry and her practical experience with dead bodies. She didn’t have the heart to tell him her experience with dead bodies was from a different perspective, i.e. typically being the one to make them that way. Nevertheless, she settled in to a regular routine of working as chief student medical examiner for several hours every evening.

Jay returned to the student corps, but as an advisor to the corps and aide-de-camp for General Falcone. Her duties were few and mostly ceremonial. According to the General, this too was something expected of military commanders as they reached positions of national political influence, to be seen and heard, but not necessarily to lead. She took the opportunity, and all the free time, to further hone her fighting skills and her physique.

Tieran’s occasional hush-hush assignments continued, though with less frequency. There were news articles run from time to time in the Syvasgaard Herald about mysterious deaths, accidents, and lover’s quarrels that ended in murder amongst assorted questionable members of Carellonian society. In most cases, few, if any, were sad to see them go. And though Tieran’s association with any of those events could never be proven, she seemed conspicuously absent from the Midnight Sun on more than a few coincidental occasions.

Miri’s class load picked up at the same time her weekend job suddenly kicked into high gear. Her special clients began to increase and she spent less and less time at the Ironwood and more time in the finer hotels in Syvasgaard township. Her special assignments also began to increase, but they were mostly dealing with collecting information about assorted ambassadors that had become her regulars and passing that information on to Shari. She was quite sure the information was being collected and turned over to the President’s office, though she could never prove that.

Persia’s activities with the Syvasgaard Worldgate continued, and her classes in planar transposition and planar rifts started to get more and more interesting and specific. She began working on the arcanology of the Symballan SunGates and the theories that they had been built long before the formation of the First Symballan Empire. The best way to verify that would be a visit to one of the remote SunGates that were rumored to be found in the deserts of Stygia and Kartush on the continent of Beotharn.

Hawke’s training in demonology and all things nasty and unsavory started to focus into the hierarchy and command structure of Hell itself, as well as the assorted servants and servitor creatures of the Lords of Hell. He spent less and less time in Lord Corthellian’s classes, and more time in comparative religious studies and the demonology classes of Asha von Volstahdt.

And Faize, left alone and excluded from the Night Raptor’s adventures too many times, and seeing no point or future in his education at Kar’Dhaer stopped going to classes and moved out of the dorms. He disappeared for a few weeks and when he returned for a short visit to Raptor Place, they found he’d taken a job working for Shari as well, one where his talents and license as a scout were more useful.



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