7th Arrallonian Campaign

Spring '567 Term - It's Murder

Event: It’s Murder
Date: 31 Galuune 567

Kami had fallen into the routine of classes and after school work in the morgue. Usually there was little enough for her to do at the Syvasgaard morgue. Deaths that required an autopsy were decidedly rare on Syvasgaard. The goings on outside of the mountain itself were usually handled locally. Murders, accidents, and monster or beast attacks were known as such and very little forensics ever came into play in those cases. That left her spending most of her spare time studying or doing homework for her classes. Yet there were times when she’d simply stop and stare at the walls.

Since Guy’s grizzly murder, other things had taken over the dark recesses of her mind. She was alone now, and the feelings of loss and regret were sometimes more than she could bear. She found herself crying for what she thought was no reason. And then she remembered that Guy was dead. Her depression dragged on for weeks, and nothing seemed to be pulling her out of it.

Then, one Jovosie morning, she was called aside by the Reverend Mother and given an encouraging and terrifying bit of news. The Church of Isis had found Guy’s soul. It had not wandered on into the afterlife, as Guy had no strong beliefs to guide his soul after death. It had, instead, been stolen. The Bebilith that killed him had taken his soul. She shuddered to think what would have happened if the demon had descended upon the Night Raptors first, if it had killed several of them. Would it have taken all their souls into whatever horrid pit of torment Guy was now trapped in?

The bad news with that revelation was that Guy’s soul was now exactly where they knew they’d eventually have to go anyway, the Abyss. Guy was in the Demonweb Pits. They had apparently reconstituted enough for some transit to be possible, though large portions of the plane were still nothing more than swirling masses of chaos energy. That meant that Lolth was also regaining some of her former power, for only She could command the Demonweb to exist. But those things, thoughts of facing that horror, were still in her distant future. For now, she had at least some hope to reclaim her love and perhaps show the commitment that he deserved but never received from her. For the first time in over a month, she could dare to dream again.

It was on one such night, distracted even from her books and spells, that a team came rushing into the morgue with a bloody gurney. The woman on it had been crushed to death down in Draknan-Gar. For some reason, someone had demanded an autopsy be performed, though no one could tell her who had ordered it. There was little other information to go on. The toe tag identified her as Eliza Hopfeld, aged thirty two. It was time to go to work.

The autopsy showed that she had indeed been crushed to death. Kami collected some evidence that pointed towards her death at the Draknan-Gar forge. Several from the group accompanied her the next afternoon and went down the mountain to check it out. After a long and convulted investigation, the group identified the killers, the loading gang at the Draknan-Gar forge. They were working for a slaver south of town and Eliza, while searching for her missing sister, was getting too close to the truth. The group found the slavery ring was operating out of an abandoned farmhouse south of Draknan-Gar. They found Eliza’s missing sister and returned her to Eliza’s greiving family. The leader of the slavers was one Aeden Rork, a WarMage and Urban Guerilla. After delivering him to the Sherriff in Draknan-Gar, he turned up dead in his cell, the victim of a Vampire attack. Of special note, Kami started to use her new favorite spell, Dancing Web, which doing subdual damage, allowed the group to take all but three of the slavers alive.



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