7th Arrallonian Campaign

Quick Catch Up

Fast Forward

The 7th Campaign started a few days before graduation in the year 18566 GC (Gailen Calendar). We picked up with the arrival of Josephine Spectre’s betrothed, and their two children and his servants, to set up their household on the mountain, on a plot of land between Kar’Dhaer Academy and the fortress of Syvasgaard. Jo was a graduating senior, from the school of Paratechnology (a Fighter/Mage-Paratech/WarMage). Others were introduced as well. Kamilah Zahara beni’K-Dar al’Durran, one of the acolytes of the Temple of Isis (a Mage/Cleric/Mystic). Her older sister, Jarah Mahdi beni’K-Dar al’Durran, a retired Master Sergeant of Symballan Elite Desert Guard, and a veteran of the Three Wars, transfered in as a 4th year, and assigned by the Church as Kami’s guardian,… one of the Feyhd’ahki (a Psionicist-Psi-Warrior). Two travelers made their way across Foxmoor and in an ill-fated meeting on the streets of Draknan-Gar, they forged a friendship with the two sisters. One was a rogue from the Sylvisan peoples, a Guild registered scout and trailsman, Faize Sheifa Beleth (a Thief-Scout). The other was an outlander, Jonathan Hawke, a man from across the Golden Ocean, from the kingdom of Sonntaglia on the continent of Hesterland. He had been a Ranger and a Bountyhunter in a former life. Following the death of his family, he joined the Church to absolve his sins, but that didn’t work. He eventually became a Demonhunter (a Ranger-Bountyhunter/Cleric/Demonhunter). Others were Gwendolyn Pleiades, a half-human half-amethyst Dragon from the southern kingdom of Hellenia (a Psionicist-Kar’Thane Warrior). Thene there was Persia Fawcett Montgomery, half Zeigus elf, half-Diamond Dragon, a rogue and wanted tomb robber from Xanthius, Equideyea (a Thief/Psionicist-Traveler). From Carellon came the Zeigus elven Bard, Tieran Vallour, secretly an assassin for the Tallivian Guard, Carellon’s secret service (a Bard-Spellsinger/Thief-Assassin). Others would come and go as time went by; Nimrod Goldenballs, a Dwarven entrepreneur of all things sexual; Xavier Kleg, a human off-worlder with a long and disturbing past; and Albert Zanador, known as Aahz, a Paratech with too many skeletons in his closet.

Their initial meeting and their first battle dropped them squarely in the middle of a plot to assassinate a prominent figure at the graduation ceremony. Following up, and being in the right place at the right time, they thwarted the assassination. But like so many good deeds, that merely got them in trouble. That trouble came in the form of an assignment by the School’s headmistress to go to a vile place known as Old Calladon, an adventurers’ test (and graveyard) far in the north, to investigate the source of the Drow who’d tried to assassinate the Dowager Duchess Tawny Steward. That began a summer long adventure that ended with the newly formed Venture Company, the Night Raptors, finding the Codex of Lhaegen’dirik, an ancient Mord Elven artifact which contained the secrets of Lolth, namely the identity of the eight artifacts that had allowed her to keep coming back from destruction.

At the end of their adventure in the western UnderDark, they returned to New Calladon, where they were treated like honored guests by the Temple of Bahamut, and had several other adventures. One involved a tribe of strange Goblins infused with Shadow energy. The Night Raptors faced the whole tribe, killed or drove them all off, and found the source of their wealth, a paratech machine that drained the life energy of elves and created cursed potions of longevity. The group dismantled the machine and destroyed the whole cave complex. In the process, they met Drazin Vorn, a kind of ambassador for the Mord Elves, and added another character, Mirielle Vyronnataen, a Delsian Elf rogue and prostitue (a Thief/Erotic/Arcane Rogue).

After returning to New Calladon and attending the wedding of an NPC they’d “rescued” on their long journey in the UnderDark, they returned to their hotel to find Hawke had been abducted. Using the Shrine of Thoth, they discovered where he’d been taken, an insane asylum on the central coast of Carellon. They traveled there, battled ghosts and cursed spirits and defeated the Hell’s Harlot that was holding him prisoner. Getting to the source of the curse on the place, they uncovered an ancient temple to Dagon, and one of the patients, a woman suffering from multiple personalities, revealed her true nature to defeat the Demon Prince. She had been possessed hundreds of years ago by both an angel and a demon, and the two battled eternally for her soul.

Returning to school, they continued to uncover secrets about both the artifacts of Lolth and the previous owner of the spot where Kar’Dhaer Academy now stood, the infamous Lady MacDaer. They moved off campus into their own house, purchased with but a fraction of the treasures they’d brought back from their summer’s adventuring. Miri got a job as a prostitute down in Draknan-Gar, and was requested by a special client one night, none other than Drazin Vorn, the Mord Elf. She also came into conflict with the sorority of the beautiful girls, known as Sigma Pi (the Sisters of the Pearl), mostly for refusing to have anything to do with them. Jarah was made the commander of the student corps, the military trainees at Kar’Dhaer. Kami began working in the Syvasgaard morgue perfomring autopsies. Hawke and Faize joined the school as 2nd Years, as did Miri.

By the end of the fall term, they had another assignment, this one straight from the office of the President of the Western Alliance. They were to go to the island of el’Baku in the Symballan Sea and find the Drow wizard, Surtrik Mallabane, who was reported to possess one of the artifacts of Lolth, the Eye of Lolth.

That is the adventure the group is now on,…



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