7th Arrallonian Campaign

Eye of the Storm

Eye of the Storm

The artifacts of Lolth have been named, and now the forces of Good are trying to find them and destroy them so that they cannot be used to bring Lolth back from oblivion a second time. Add to that backdrop the old story of Surtrik and Mollasar Mallabane, the last surviving sons of the Mallabane family line, the last descendants of Treallar. Mollasar led the rebellion that brought down the Mellikan Regime and freed the Drow from the yoke of Lolth’s control,… however, it was Surtrik that dug up all the little secrets about her and had the foresight to keep looking even after she was supposedly dead.

Surtrik moved to the surface world when the Mallabane family was purged, heading a different direction than his older brother, Mollasar. He came to the Symballan desert and eventually accepted a life in the sun. He married a Symballan priestess and began teaching wizardry to the mystics of Isis. They had a half-drow daughter who grew up to be a powerful witch and became the leader of her own sect of the Symballan Church, Triel Mallabane. And her mother soon died of natural causes and old age.

Surtrik saw the first return of Lolth and knew that the prophecy of her three lives would surely come to pass. So he sequestered himself in the desert and collected information about the ancient days of the first Mellikan, Lolth herself. In those years of searching, he stumbled across on the artifacts and spared no expense securing for his own, the Eye of Lolth.

However, as the signs and portents became clearer, and after the future became suddenly unclear to most prophets and seers, he saw no choice but to use the Eye himself in order to see the truth of the other artifacts. But he could not use the Eye in New Phoenix without unleashing a horde of demons from the Abyss and possibly bringing death to his adopted home and himself. So, he sought out the one place where even the Gods would not see him if he used the Eye, a cave within the highest peaks of the Isle of el’Baku on the newly formed Symballan Sea.

With the disruptions in the magius field, and the specific consistency of that cave’s walls, no one would be able to detect his use of the Eye,… or so he thought. The problem was, though he knew the Eye would strike him permanently blind, he did not know that the powerful evil of the Eye would bring to it all manner of monster. He managed to use the Eye and discover the location of some of the artifacts; however, vile creatures laid siege to the island, drawn to the evil of the Eye. Now, he is a prisoner there, locked inside a cave fortress, the island crawling with monsters, and he has no way of getting a message out for help.

Fortunately, in searching for information about the artifacts, the Night Raptors discovered that Surtrik has disappeared and that he was heading for the Isle of el’Baku. If they can fight their way through the sea monsters, land dragons and other horrors on the island, they might be able to reach him and free him. However, he still won’t live long. He has discovered the only way to destroy the Eye, and it will surely claim his life as well.

Finale -

Using the Syvasgaard WorldGate to reach a spot just outside the town of Han-Ra on the southern shores of the Symballan Sea, the Night Raptors went in to meet their contacts, a venture company by the name of the Lions of Martek. Soon after they did, they were attacked on the streets of Han-Ra by one of the Lions’ enemies, the Fire Elemental Mage, Hazaf al’Ghuul, and a mercenary band called the Iron Coil. The Lions were almost uniformly defeated and even the Night Raptors barely managed to stay standing when it was all said and done. However, they did prevail and spent the night in an Inn before setting sail the next morning. They sailed for several days, having numerous enocunters on the dangerous Symballan Sea, and at last pierced the maelstrom that surrounded the Island of el’Baku.

Going ashore, they were immediately beset by the primitive nature of the place and found that it had been populated from several distant periods of the past due to the temporal and dimensional rifts that covered most of the Symballan Sea. They battled their way through giant crabs, giant spiders, a whole village of minotaurs, flew over a valley filled with thousands of giant ants, and at last entered the Caverns of Fire, where they fought and almost died at the jaws and breath weapon of an ancient land dragon (a Vishap). Passing through lava filled caverns, they reached the fluxstone lined Caves of Sight and found ancient Symballan ruins from the first empire (over 8000 years old). After one tough battle with a half dozen mummies, they found a magical bottle and freed the genie within it, only to find out she was not only the daughter of the Pasha of the Djinn, but had been the Queen of the Pharaoh Nerris al’Helios. She, Nahara beni’Pashan al’Ymir, had been condemned to her prison for falling in love with a mortal. Finding a nearby lava flow, Kami tossed the bottle in, breaking her imprisonment for all time and freeing her,… allowing her to come back as a mortal Air Elemental Mage.

At the base of the Mage’s Tower, they found it beseiged by an Efreeti and a half dozen Salamanders. They were aided by Nahara, now a mortal Half-Genie, and won their entrance into Surtrik’s tower. There they found the legendary Drow Mage withered and dying from his use of the Eye of Lolth. He gave them a red flux crystal and told them to take it where all knowledge could be found, then returned to his conjuring room. There he sent them back to the beach where they landed then destroyed the Eye of Lolth, and himself with it.

Sailing quickly to the western shores of the sea, they contacted Syvasgaard and had them open the WorldGate so they could escape the disruptions of the Symballan Sea. Back in Syvasgaard, they used their Key to the Shrine of Thoth and discovered that Surtrik had modified it, taking them to a more technological room than they were used to. There, they puzzled out the clues and downloaded the data from the red flux crystal into the Shrine’s computer system, discovering they had been carrying an AI built from Surtrik’s mind. He told them all he knew about the Artifacts of Lolth, where they were, and more importantly, how to destroy them, and bade them spread that knowledge far and wide. The more people that knew, the less of a target they would be for Lolth’s revenge.



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